Company Profile

                                          Zhongshan chi shing electronics co., LTD., Jill electronic (zhongshan) co., LTD., affiliated to the Hong Kong bell investment co., LTD., founded in 1992, the registered capital of $9.95 million, is a professional engaged in electronic products with more than 20 years experience in the design, development, production and service as one of the high-tech enterprise. For the overwhelming majority of customers with the most perfect quality service, the fastest, best value, let customers at ease, comfortable and confident.
                                          The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The company has a number of excellent, efficient production and marketing management team, dedicated to provide customers with the highest quality products and services. In the substrate assembly, LED products, LCD modules and other aspects of the product has a wealth of experience and technology, according to customer demand, design and production of different features and needs of personalized custom products. The company has advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods and 20 years of electronic production technology and quality management experience, strive for excellent products and quality service, quality first, customer first business philosophy at home and abroad customers sincere cooperation and achieve win-win situation.



                                          In November 2015 the introduction of 2 AOI product testing machine
                                          In August 2015 the introduction of 2 fully automatic plate feeder and receiving machine
                                          1 automatic reflow soldering furnace introduced in September 2014
                                          July 2012 introduction of 3 COG manufacturing LCM machine
                                          Started in February 2011 to manufacture car LED ball lamp production
                                          The production of LED fluorescent lamps started in June 2009
                                          October 2007 Zare electronics by ISO9001, ISO14001 inspection qualified
                                          Shenzhen factory in November 2007 by the E environmental certification
                                          August 2007 Zhongshan Chi Sheng by OHSAS18001, ISO14001 monitoring qualified
                                          The factory was established in September 2006, LCD, electronic (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd.
                                          Chi Sheng Electronics (Shenzhen) in September 2005 by the ISO14001 to monitor qualified
                                          July 2005 Zhongshan factory introduction of X-ray equipment
                                          6 high speed Panasonic placement machines imported from Zhongshan plant in July 2005
                                          Introduction of lead free reflow oven equipment in December 2003
                                          Chi Sheng Electronics (Shenzhen) in December 2003 by the ISO9001 to monitor qualified
                                          February 2003 introduction of substrate appearance inspection device
                                          December 2002 access to GP company S environmental certification
                                          December 2002 introduction of XRF detector, the beginning of environmental management of hazardous substances
                                          Lead free substrate assembly in November 2002
                                          August 2001 Cheng Sheng electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
                                          Starting in July 2001, the production of portable CD player
                                          Machine assembly for the introduction of COG in November 2000
                                          Began in April 2000 in the clean workshop production of LCD modules
                                          December 1998 FARBELL Corporation and Zhongshan Chi Sheng electronic access to ISO9002 certification
                                          Set up second factories in January 1997. The introduction of the latest Panasonic mounting machine CM86C
                                          Beginning in June 1995 the finished product processing and assembly (cash register)
                                          September 1993 will be transferred to the relevant departments of the plant to Zhongshan. Start of the Department of product group, the substrate processing and assembly
                                          Established in November 1992, Zhongshan Chi Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (Zhongshan City, Tanzhou Province, Guangdong town)
                                          In September 1989 SMT started processing in Hongkong Fo Tan Industrial Corporation.
                                          INVESTMENTS LIMITED FARBELL company was founded in September 1980